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In an interview with Daron Acemoglu, he says "the hot money which was floating through Turkey has stopped after FED's declaration that we are going to give much more attention on monetary policy". Basically I know some fundamental things like monetary policy interests with the foreign currency but dont get exactly how does it effect directly. Why or how do foreign investments get scared by monetary policy?

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@ChrisW.Rea - I asked at the Econ chat room if they'd like this one. No response yet. I understand etiquette is to ask before migration. –  JoeTaxpayer Dec 23 at 1:53
@JoeTaxpayer Understood. FWIW, my note was more for the OP. I suggested "Consider" to the OP as in: go there, read their FAQ & meta, ask at meta if still unclear, post only if on-topic. –  Chris W. Rea Dec 23 at 2:31

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