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I am looking to design a study which would have the following elements:

1) growth accounting using provincial data of a Asian country. 2) empirical research investigating link between innovation and productivity (at firm level) for a European country. 3) Institutional analysis of selected third world countries. The key idea being that "nature of state" is important when understanding, explaining and recommending appropriate institutional frameworks for a country. It is proposed that "one-size fits all" approach of Washington consensus is not appropriate. One or more countries will be used as case studies to investigate these issues

Is it possible to design a doctoral dissertation which could incorporate the above analysis under a unified theme. Don't ask me why, I have to do this. But there are certain constraints and I have to design a study along those lines. Is it possible to link the work done or mould the study in such a way that the work done does not seem disjointed. Really appreciate any sort of advice.

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