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What resources are available for learning Dynare? I think it'd be nice to put together a list of resources that available to those new to Dynare. I've had a little experience with it but it'd be nice to know what resources I might be able to go to for questions on the beginner/intermediate level. Also, I would prioritize resources that have full-fledged examples. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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In addition to official docs, I'd suggest Practicing Dynare for several examples, and J. Pfeifer's advice for estimation. –  ivansml Feb 15 at 17:44
Although not dealing with Dynare specifically Harald Uhligs "A Toolkit for Analyzing Nonlinear Dynamic Stochastic Models Easily" is an excellent reference when dealing with DSGE models and log-linearization: sfu.ca/~kkasa/uhlig1.pdf –  Dan Feb 16 at 12:30

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