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Top new questions this week:

Lab experiments of labour markets

I have been searching for papers that conduct lab experiments simulating a labour market, that means for a minimum there are both participants taking the role of firms, and participants taking the ...

reference-request labor-economics experimental-economics  
asked by Papayapap 7 votes

Is modern monetary theory sustainable?

I am looking around at a lot of the central banks around the world (primarily ECB, Fed, and BOJ) and they all seem to be simply printing their way out of any issues with their economies. As far as I ...

inflation monetary-policy currency central-banking united-states  
asked by Runeaway3 4 votes
answered by 1muflon1 2 votes

What was the US monetary policy like in the 70s?

Today the US inflation target is roughly 2%. However in 1974 the inflation rate was 11% and in 1980 it was 13.5%. What monetary policy did they follow at that time that allowed the inflation to rise ...

monetary-policy nonexpert history united-states  
asked by Andy 4 votes
answered by 1muflon1 2 votes

Data on inflation target on different countries around the world

Does someone know if there's a page, like a "global bank" online page, where one could see the inflation target for different countries? For example, in x country, for x' year, the inflation ...

macroeconomics reference-request inflation central-banking  
asked by Verónica Rmz. 3 votes
answered by VARulle 4 votes

What cognitive biases reduce savings?

In Thinking Fast and Slow Kahneman explains that people can sometimes save less because they underestimate the future benefit to themselves because they view present and future self differently. I ...

reference-request behavioral-economics saving  
asked by Ezekiel 3 votes
answered by csilvia 2 votes

Theoretical models of copyright infringement and efficiency implications

I wanted to know if there are theoretical models of copyright infringement and what are their implications for efficiency in the market and also, if possible, any empirical support they have. When I ...

microeconomics markets pareto-efficiency black-market  
asked by Ishan Kashyap Hazarika 3 votes

Can inflation show up in assets without necessarily being reflected in classic inflation indexes?

I have been having an argument with a friend of mine who obtained an economics degree in college. I have been arguing that increased money supply from the fed has led to inflation in asset prices, ...

macroeconomics inflation nonexpert united-states  
asked by Runeaway3 3 votes
answered by 1muflon1 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Income Offer Curve In Basic Microeconomics

Can anybody explain to me the income offer curve? Is it a relationship between $x_1$ and $m$? If the budget equation is $p_1x_1+p_2x_2=m$? With income being the variable $m$?

asked by Ethan Mark 2 votes
answered by Rud Faden 3 votes

If I gain, then someone else loses. Correct?

On a very small scale, it's certainly true that if I gain, somebody else might lose. If I take away my brother's chocolate, then he will lose it, and will most probably not get anything comparable. ...

microeconomics utility welfare  
asked by Manuel Maly 15 votes
answered by The Almighty Bob 29 votes

Why is the Marginal Cost (MC) of a monopoly horizontal

I presume it's because they're price makers, but this doesn't really answer much. Furethermore, in a monopoly is it Marginal Cost or Long run marginal cost that's horizontal?

asked by user98937 3 votes
answered by BB King 4 votes

Deriving the golden-rule savings rate in a Solow Model

Consider an economy described by the per worker production function function: $$y = f(k) = 2k^\frac{1}{2}$$ and a depreciation rate $δ$ of $.05, 5%$. Considering what we know to be true of the ...

macroeconomics economic-growth  
asked by All About Groups 3 votes
answered by Alecos Papadopoulos 6 votes

Why do Higher Interest Rates attract Foreign Investors?

I am reading the following Article at Investopedia which states Generally, higher interest rates increase the value of a given country's currency. The higher interest rates that can be earned ...

currency interest-rate  
asked by RihannaWorkWork 5 votes
answered by Jesse M 5 votes

Equilibrium price and quantity - consumer and producer surplus

Inverse function of market demand for certain good is equal to $P=100-0.25Q$, inverse supply function is $P=20+0.55Q$. Calculate equilibrium price and quantity. Furthermore calculate consumer and ...

microeconomics general-equilibrium producer-theory consumer-surplus producer-surplus  
asked by Krowskir 4 votes
answered by Alecos Papadopoulos 1 vote

How will non-rich citizens make a living if jobs keep getting replaced by robots and are outsourced?

Decades ago a factory job could support a wife and kids until retirement and they offered insurance, benefits, etc. Now, no more unions, those jobs as well as tech and customer service jobs are ...

labor-economics unemployment productivity living-cost  
asked by Bruno1993 111 votes
answered by Jamzy 66 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Are return on investments "sticky"?

From what I understand in an economic downturn the wages are "sticky". This results in increased unemployment. To combat this the central bank according to monetarism lowers the interest ...

monetary-policy stock-market nonexpert  
asked by Andy 2 votes

Question on the choice of boundary in the CUSUM test when we make some resampling

Question on the choice of boundary in the CUSUM test when we make some resampling We are considering to make a CUSUM test for some economical time series $𝑋=(𝑥_1,..,x_n)$. Suppose 𝑋 contains many ...

econometrics finance applied-econometrics statistics probability  
asked by Tatsuru Kikuchi 1 vote

Alternative ways of visualizing longitudinal macro data?

Problem: Visualizing longitudinal is challenging when the dataset has large number of panel members. A common ways to visualize such data is to either make a large set of small individual plots such ...

macroeconomics reference-request paneldata  
asked by 1muflon1 1 vote
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