Its my first time on economics xchange. I am a student of M.Phil. Economics 1st semester. I am writing a term paper and I need some data.

I am looking for money supply M0 and M1 data for top 50 countries (preferably in USD) for the year 2000. My university has a subscription of http://www.tradingeconomics.com/. But that is only accessible in the university's library.

I am back home for vacations. So I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a resource where this might be available for students free or at a low cost. Or if someone of you can provide this data. Thanks.

  • $\begingroup$ Anybody? I thought I was not looking hard enough. It seems it not that easy to find such data. $\endgroup$ – Jehanzeb.Malik Dec 12 '16 at 5:44

I think one of the best websites for this rather general economic data is


On the first look I found money supply data for many countries. Additionally, you can check the websites of national central banks, which usually have comprehensive data, especially on monetary time series.


Well, I didn't give up. Found these resources. They are free/cheap for data.

For trade maps (between countries)


This site is amazing. With more than 1k topics, you can almost get data for any topic by country/year. You can view the data on screen for free. But exporting the data would require a membership (currently at $29/month)


This site also has an amazing database and covers a wide variety of topics. But I was unable to find data for M0 and M1


An easy to use currency converter with the ability to find exchange rates back to January, 1990


I hope this helps somebody.


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