You may have heard of the Myers Briggs personality profile test. Is there a similar test for societies?

The MB has four dimensions

  • Introversion/Extraversion
  • iNtuition/Sensing
  • Feeling/Thinking
  • Perception/Judging

I'm thinking that a society (which could be as large as a nation, or as small as an office) will have other attributes, such as

  • Patriarchal/Matriarchal
  • Corporate/Entrepreneur
  • Rural/Urban
  • Centralized/Decentralized (government)
  • Religious/Secular

etc. Does a "society profile test" like that already exist? Hopefully with data already collected?

Sorry if this is off topic. I couldn't find any "sociology stack exchange"

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Jonathan Haidt has used a five axis model to characterize groups by their use of 5 sets of moral intuitions.

Harm/care, Fairness/reciprocity, Ingroup/loyalty, Authority/ respect, and Purity/sanctity. Across 4 studies using multiple methods, liberals consistently showed greater endorsement and use of the Harm/care and Fairness/reciprocity foundations compared to the other 3 foundations, whereas conservatives endorsed and used the 5 foundations more equally.

He's got several papers in this area. I don't know of any attempts to use this framework to describe groups other than liberals, conservatives, and libertarians, but in principle you could.


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