I am interested in the debate about affirmative action in college admissions and I would be happy to read some theoretical economic investigations of the effects of these policies. I would be glad if someone could point out a good and recent survey of this literature, or some papers addressing this issue. The following two questions are of particular interest to me:

  • the general equilibrium effects of affirmative action (say, in college admissions) on labor market outcomes (acquisition of human capital, wage differentials, etc.)
  • the welfare analysis of affirmative action policies, with some discussion of the appropriate social welfare criterion (e.g., fairness vs efficiency)

Any reference would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I found one survey which corresponds to what I was looking for: Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Survey by Hamming Fang and Andrea Moro, in the Handbook of Social Economics (2011 edition).


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