Where can I find price-to-rent ratio data for housing real estate in any major nation?

Any G-20 country or any top-10 country by GDP would be good for me, as long as it's official data like from a country's census or statistical bureau.

  • $\begingroup$ You're talking about real estate, right? Specifically, housing? Or would this include commercial properties as well? $\endgroup$
    – nathanwww
    Mar 21 '18 at 22:14
  • $\begingroup$ @nathanwww yes, housing $\endgroup$
    – user69715
    Mar 22 '18 at 17:00
  • $\begingroup$ It might be easier to find some city-level data. $\endgroup$
    – nathanwww
    Mar 22 '18 at 17:26

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