Before regression (like fixed-effects, random-effects), for these two kinds of variables:

1) Price levels (e.g. price level of capital formation) They are usually ratios like 0.987, 1.022..., based on USA 2010=1

2) % of GDP (e.g. broad money as % of GDP) They are also ratios (%) like 80.5, 99.7 (or in decimal form 0.805, 0.997)

Do I need to log transform them, and how can I log transform them?


You don't need to log transform these variables. Consider the following model

$\log y = \beta x.$

Then, you can interpret $\beta$ as a semi-elasticity, i.e., the percentage change in $y$ when $x$ increases by 1 unit.

To see this you can transform the previous equation as: $y = \exp(\beta x),$ in which case $dy/dx = \beta \exp(\beta x)$. Thus, the percentage change in $y$ when $x$ changes is $\frac{dy/dx}{y} = \frac{\beta\exp(\beta x)}{\exp(\beta x)} = \beta$.

Note also that

$\Delta \log y = \beta \Delta x$ so $100.\Delta \log y = (100.\beta) \Delta x$

It follows that

$\% \Delta y \approx (100.\beta) \Delta x$


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