I am doing some modeling and need some data.

First I would like to get some data on commodity prices, ideally historical price data (but current quotes are fine). For example it would be nice to find the historical prices of honey, wine potatoes, carrots, gasoline ... I imagine that this information is used by both private industry and academia to conduct research and I am wondering if this data is publicly available and if so where to gain access to it.

Does the US government keep publicly available records on the prices of imported and exported commodities or records on the average wholesale prices of different commodities?

Where I stand right now is I know some commodities have futures traded on them and these could give me an idea, but there are no futures for the less popularly traded commodities like honey. Also there are a few price checking websites that I could scrape, but these give retail prices, which I would guess to vary (at least according to location) significantly more than wholesale and import/export prices.

Second I would like to know about the amount of the commodity produced/imported/exported.

I would guess that if records are kept on the first type of data, then records are kept on the second. Does anyone have any experience obtaining this type of data that could share some knowledge?

I tried to word this question so that it is not off topic. Please let me know if you see an improvement that I could make.


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