The following question was closed down by the 'community' policing 'algorithm' after two down-votes, so I'm asking it again with a bit more detail:

After the end of slavery in the USA - paid for by Britain and the slaves - and which went wholly to the slave-owners rather than the slaves (hence the call for repartions), there still remained the need for labour. How did the USA manage to fulfill this need?

Slave labour was of two types, there were field slaves or house slaves - who worked as domestic servants. They weren't educated so they couldn't do anything better than this. They weren't educated as the slaveowners were afraid they would learn to argue back. This trumped any need they had for better educated slaves. A similar policy was followed in British India.

Nevertheless the need for labour is still there. One policy is of course to let native born USA citizens do this work. But as a 'Big grower' complained in a biography of Dorothea Lange, a photographer of the great depression in the 1920s, 'the whites don't want to do this work'.

Another policy is to have an underclass who are slaves in all but name. I was startled to learn that there were ten million illegal immigrants in the USA. So many, I thought - it seems almost deliberate.

Consider the following: lets say that they earn 10,000 dollars each. That works out for 10 million of them to 100 billion dollars. Now suppose were a native born citizen were to the work, and because they have rights, and they know how to demand their rights they are paid 20,000 dollars. This means theres a saving and hence a profit of 100 billion dollars. In ten years a trillion dollars. A nice bit of profit if you can get it.

Q.These are rough figures. Are there figures that show what the contribution that illegal immigration has made to the US economy - or rather for those who own the commanding height of economy for every decade since slavery was overthrown?

wikipedia has a page on this, titled 'The economic impact of illegal immigrants in the USA' and they write:

The Texas State Comptroller reported in 2006 that the 1.4 million illegal immigrants in Texas added almost 18 billion dollars to the gross state product, and contributed 1.6 billion dollars in state revenue, while costing the state about 1.2 billion dollars in services used.

ref: Special Report, Illegal immigrants in Texas: A financial analysis of the impact to the State Budget & Economy - December 2006, Carole Keeeton Strayhorn, Texas Comptroller.

If we extrapolate these figures by multiplying by ten, we get roughly 10 million illegal immigrants adding roughly 130 billion dollars to the GDP. This isn't so far off from my own order of magnitude calculation of 100 billion dollars.

Given that the Texas state comptroller can answer this question for 2006 and for Texas, it seems pretty plausible that there are both figures and reports which can be used to answer the question detailed above.


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