1. Drinking one more cup of coffee this afternoon will give me that jittery feeling, but it will keep me awake for four more hours to work on my assignment. The principle underlying this is:

(a) none of the above

(b) marginal analysis

(c) Opportunity cost

(d) exploit opportunities to better off

2.Laffer curve (the relationship between tax rate and tax revenue) states that tax revenue increases along with the increase in tax rate, but at a certain level of tax rate, it starts discourage workers, hence the tax revenue might decrease; the curve will be:

(a) slope downward

(b) non-linear

(c) slope upward

(d) be horizontal line

3.Research finds that there’s no relationship between how many diet books bought with how many pounds weight loss.

(a) Number of diet books is the dependent variable

(b) The correlation is positive

(c) The correlation is negative

(d) Number of diet books is the independent variable

4.Ted’annual salary is \$35,000 and he pays his last year tax \$5,000. While Gaby’s salary is \$45,000, and she pays tax of \$7,500. Based on these two persons, we can say that the tax rate (slope) is:

(a) 23%

(b) 10%

(c) 25%

(d) 20%


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