While the capital-output ratio is widely used in Macroeconomics as a target in calibration, it is usually just set to be equal to 3, without specifying the data source nor the methodology used to compute it. After doing online research, I couldn't find any available data with the series of capital-output ratio.


Capital to output ratio can be calculated using the BLS productivity measures data. Capital to output ratio is simply K/Y. Capital (K) is usually called either capital input or capital services and output which would be called real value added output.

Which can be found here: https://www.bls.gov/mfp/mprdload.htm under 1987–2019 Major Sector Multifactor Productivity.


Or the World Bank group- Capital-Output ratio (NKY) https://datacatalog.worldbank.org/dataset/capital-fundamentalism-economic-development-and-economic-growth/resource/babcd99a-16a3-4bef


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