I'm currently recollecting data for an econometrics model I want to build later on with a panel data model.

However, sometimes it is difficult to find certain information.

For example, I want to look at the fiscal deficit (not the primary fiscal deficit, but the one that includes expenses for the debt service each year) of, say, Brasil; but I'm at a crossroads: I have these 2 sources where I can get data from:

  1. IMF World Economic Outlook Database: "General government net lending/borrowing".
  2. CEIC Data: "Brazil Consolidated Fiscal Balance: % of GDP".

Although these two sources have more or less the same movement over time (for example, the two of them recorded a big fiscal deficit for Brazil for 2015), the amounts are very different and vary a lot between them. Also, CEIC Data seems very suspicious: their sources do not satisfy me.

However, I don't know if "General government net lending/borrowing" by the IMF truly represents fiscal deficit.

Which one of those sources should I use to obtain Brasil and other countries' fiscal deficits?

Thank you very much.


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