I am interested in modelling the impact of the current covid pandemic on supermarket sales (in a specific country in Europe) as part of my bachelor's thesis (next year), however, I am having a hard time finding relevant works.

Firstly, I'll be working with weekly total sales data of the major retailers in the country. Covid datasets are also readily available. I was thinking that it could be interesting to see, for example, the relationship between the number of cases and total sales. Moreover, I would like to evaluate the impact of government measures (such as the declaration of the state of emergency) on sales.

My potential thesis supervisor has told me to adapt an existing econometric approach, so that we don't have to build a new model from scratch (which may be beyond bachelor level). Other than that, I haven't had much luck consulting my work with others, mostly due to the current state of events.

This paper uses the difference in differences approach using transaction data with regards to the Wuhan lockdown. Do you think that it would be suitable for me to adapt such a model? Would you recommend any other works?

Thank you so much for any input.

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    $\begingroup$ Differences in differences could be potentially used in this case, if you have suitable control country which is not heavily affected by the pandemic and assumption of common trend is satisfied, a lot of other identification strategies could be used as well. I voted to close this as opinion based because without knowing all the details of the data it’s hard to give anything else than opinions. $\endgroup$ – 1muflon1 Apr 20 '20 at 10:55

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