As they report in Wikipedia, daily 7 million male chicks are killed for economic reasons.

What I did not know is that obviously the actual separation, sexing is done manually?

Instrument or machine sexing of chickens has almost disappeared.

Does this mean, the German upcoming law for in-ovo sexing, in case it will happen automatically which appears realistic, effectively add to unemployment? Is there any estimation how many jobs are bound here?


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This technology would be implemented on a large scale regardless of any countries law mandating it's use. Firms would save a lot of resources if they could get rid of eggs at the 4-20 day mark rather than the 22-25 day mark as this is when they start consuming food. As per unemployment it seems these numbers wont be large. A back of the envelope calculation from snippets off google:

62 million chicken births per day
chicken sexers can do 5000-8000 in a day
Realistically >15000 jobs world-wide


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