I'm not sure about adding fixed effects for the variables year,id,region (using the estprod library) as in this paper using LP stimator.

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In the STATA forum ( #18 #19; prodest library) it seems that to add fixed effects I have to create dummies Control parameter.

qui tab year, gen(dy) // generate one dummy per year

prodest log_y, free(log_lab1 log_lab2) state(log_k) proxy(log_investment) va met(op) poly(4) reps(40) id(id) t(year) control(dy*)

To make a third panel PLM I found in STATA as in R



data = read.csv("data_tfp.csv")

data = data %>% 
  mutate(v = 1,
         rgn = region,
         group = group_indices(., id, region),
         grp = group) %>% 
  spread(rgn, v, fill = 0) %>% #generate one dummy per region
  arrange(id, year)

md0 = estprod::levinsohn_petrin(data,
                                formula = y ~ l | k | m | a+b+c+d,
                                id = "id",
                                time = "year",
                                reps = 10,
                                gross = T)

My data



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