For my own research, I need to teach myself the basics of the research areas of Dr Morrison, Department of Land Economy, U.of Cambridge. Sorry if this is the wrong SE site, but the title 'Land Economy' indicates that her areas fall under economics. but I don't know anything about her research areas, so what books or resources for complete amateurs should I start with? Thank you. I quote a little from her website :

Research Interests

Nicky’s research focuses on comparative housing and urban planning, at the city and neighbourhood level. Internationally, she has collaborated with a number of European academics on comparative housing and neighbourhood renewal projects, funded by the European Commission, as well as the Nordic-Baltic, German and UK governments. She has also advised the Shenzhen municipal government on their affordable housing policies and has worked on an Amnesty International project on housing rights in Accra, Ghana. More locally, she was ... leading the housing and economic analysis work-streams respectively.


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