I'm interested in data that reveals public opinion towards global warming in the US.

It'd be best to have a time dimension to it, but I'm interested in data from around the year 2000. Since it is quite a hot topic, I expect there to be much around this, but I couldn't find anything with scientific standards - say, anything beyond political institution X / news channel Y asked 1000 and we are not even sure what the phrasing of the question was.

I am especially interested in data that includes an indicator for income/wealth.


There's this from Polling report showing raw survey data (question, sample data, and responses) back to 2012.

Additionally this paper by Lorenzoni and Pidgeon and this paper by Leiserowitz (both 2005) discussing said data in a more academic context. You would need to do some substantial extrapolation to get time-series out of these though.


I've done some more digging, and I'm adding this as a separate answer:

This search of Roper Center data from UConn yielded a few interesting surveys. Namely, this CBS survey from 2013 and this PRRI survey from 2011. Both track income data and are rigorously documented. Lastly there was this report entitled Americans on Climate Change from 2004.

Digging even deeper, I found this report from Pew from 2000 with a few questions on climate and a measure of income. I did not download the whole report though, and just perused the pdf, so your mileage may vary.

I did however just want to call both datasets out for being invaluable (much better than Gallup), so if there's more info you'd like, definitely peruse The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press Poll Database or the Roper Center Public Opinion Archives


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