I am trying to calculate the revenue compound monthly growth rate (CMGR) over a 12 month period of a hypothetical business whose net revenue shares a seasonality trend. Here is an example of data (number is in terms of millions):

Date 2019 2020 Revenue CMGR (month difference =12)
Jan 75 72 -0.34%
Feb 60 65 0.67%
Mar 68 55 -1.75%
Apr 73 70 -0.35%
May 80 85 0.51%
Jun 87 90 0.28%
Jul 82 82 0.00%
Aug 91 93 0.18%
Sept 120 124 0.27%
Oct 116 120 0.28%
Nov 125 132 0.46%
Dec 110 106 -0.31%

In order to calculate CMGR I understand this is the formula:

$$CMGR = (\frac{Last Month}{First Month})^{1/ Month Difference}-1$$

With this, does it make sense to report these numbers as a lack of consistent growth (especially during off-season months). Does it make more sense to calculate CMGR over the cumulative sum as it may take into account the variability? If not, then what are other ways to report revenue besides YoY changes?

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