I'm in bit of a fix. I'm trying to define my research interests and am confused whether or not to include applied microeconomics as one area. The way I see it is applied microeconomics is more of an umbrella term indicating methodology that can be used in various domains of economics.

I work with household/firm level micro data to explore issues in labor and education economics, although i have not used household/firm level optimization in my work. Should I just write intersection of labor and education, or applied micro is also applicable here? What exactly is the defining feature of an applied micro work?

Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, J


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There is no universally agreed upon definition of "applied microeconomics", but if you follow the description by Brown University's Department of Economics,

The use of data and econometric methods to test microeconomic theory. Applied micro is an umbrella term that includes labor, urban, education, industrial organization, public, health, and environmental economics.

then you are definitely doing research in applied microeconomics.


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