I am reading Gode and Sunder (1993). They study the allocative efficiency of markets using a double auction mechanism where both humans and zero-intelligence computer programs are present as buyers and sellers.

There they have used the "Market-2001" software to run their experiments involving both human participants and machine traders. I searched the term on Google but couldn't find any relevant link.

What is this software? Is it usable now? Are there other such softwares, newer ones? Where can I find them?


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Market 2001 is a piece of software Gode and Sunder wrote themselves for their work in Turbo Pascal. There is a description in

Gode, D. K., and Shyam Sunder. 1994. Human and artificially intelligent traders in a double auction market: Experimental evidence. In K. Carley and M. Prietula, eds., Computational Organization Theory. Erlbaum.

There exists software by Mark E. McBride based on the work of Gode and Sunder that is available here.


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