As you can see in this graph: https://data.oecd.org/price/inflation-forecast.htm according to the OECD, inflation is expected to decrease in the coming months. I would like to know why.


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It's best to read their official documentation in the link you provided. That way you hear the explanation of the OECD, as opposed to someone else's opinion /research.

The direct link is here.

P.35 reads as such:

Inflation is still projected to moderate next year in most countries, provided that the peak in global energy prices is passed, as assumed, in early 2023 (Annex 1.A.) and supply-chain constraints wane gradually. Moderating demand growth will also help to ease inflation pressures. Even so, headline and core inflation are projected to remain higher in 2023 than previously foreseen, and in many cases above central bank policy objectives (Figure 1.21). With inflation now seen as staying higher for longer in most OECD economies, many central banks are now expected to raise interest rates more quickly than previously assumed...

However, there are many more sections discussing inflation but this summarizes it nicely.


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