I work as an advisor in industrial policies ... And there is a big trend around the digitization of firms in my - lagging but developed - country. This digitization is presented as a progress but i have been doing a review of literature for the past week (inefficiently) .. and here is what i managed to dig out.

"You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics" (1987)

-> ICT diffusion was low ... but has it changed since the late 80's ?

Assessing the productivity of ICT equipment in US manufacturing Industries (1997)

-> no effect of ICT in manufacturing

The end of the golden age (2016)

-> surge in general productivity & growth related to ICT between 1995 and 2005

Return of the Solow Paradox ? IT, productivity and employement in US manufacturing (2014)

-> unsignificant productivity gains in manufacturing in the USA

ICT productivity and employement in French manufacturing Industries (2017)

-> little to no effect of ICT in manufacturing in France

=> what am I missing ? is the digitization of firms powder to the eye ?

(i'll be updating this post in the next week, as part of a two week program and will be posting some more sources ... bear in mind that i'm not a researcher but that i gather data from researcher to check the validity of policies)

Best regards.

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