I am confused that If the marginal costs of the two firms are different, is it still a Cournot model? I saw many examples that give a fixed marginal cost of the products.


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Yes, you can have different marginal costs in a Cournot model. Here is a simple example:

Two firms with marginal costs of $c_1$ and $c_2$ competing in quantities where inverse demand is $p=A-b(q_1+q_2)$. Firms are maximizing: $$\max_{q_i} \; (A-b(q_1 + q_2))q_i - c_i q_i$$ Taking a derivative and solving you can find unique quantities, e.g. $$q_1 = \frac{A+2b(c_1 -A) - c_2}{4b^2 -1}$$

You mention that marginal costs are often given as "fixed". This is often done for simplicity. It can be challenging to solve a Cournot model with increasing/decreasing returns and an equilibrium may not exist.

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