Related to Difference between the International Dollar and PPP.

I am working with FAO production matrix, and it reports production in different units:

  1. constant 2014-2016 thousand I\$
  2. current thousand SLC
  3. constant 2014-2016 thousand SLC
  4. current thousand US\$
  5. constant 2014-2016 thousand US\$

The problem I'm facing is that "current thousand US\$" is not available for all years. I was trying to convert the most complete recording, "constant 2014-2016 thousand I\$", to current usd, but FAO does not provide an official table to do that.

I found some deflactor tables from FAO, most based on GDP/production, but those create the need to make assumptions.

How would you proceed if the idea is to create a series of different agricultural products for different countries since 1986?



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