I would like to create a data viz to show, in one chart, where some of the major economies are on the trilemma. It won't be perfect, but I'm just looking for a rough characterization. For my data viz to work, all three need to be quantitative not qualitative. Some bits I have already tracked down quantitative measures:

So I'm stuck at capital mobility. I have googled "capital mobility" and related terms but I'm a bit skeptical of the results.


If we can't retrieve perfect, capital controls data, what might we consider as an effective substitute that is fairly easy to scrape from the public domain and is still **quantitative**?

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The paper Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset by Andrés Fernández, Michael W. Klein, Alessandro Rebucci, Martin Schindler, and Martín Uribe (link) has an index of capital controls.

From footnote 8:

The dataset is publicly available for download at the National Bureau of Economic Research website (https://www.nber.org/data/international-finance/) or at request from the authors.

The link seems to be broken, but you could write to the authors and ask for the data.


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