I'm searching to reproduce the ENV-GROWTH model used for the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs).

The ENV-GROWTH model is a IAM used by OECD OECD website. It has been detailed in the Long-term economic growth projections in the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways. Thus, there is a lack of initial data, and not every parameter are given explicitly.

The model is base on a Solow model with additional inputs human capital and energy. The GDP equation of a country is:

$Y(t)=\left[\left( \left(K(t)\right)^{α(t)}⋅\left(A(t) ⋅ h(t)⋅ L(t) \right)^{1−α(t)}\right)^{\frac{\sigma_E−1}{\sigma_E}} + \alpha_E ⋅ \left( \lambda^E(t) E(t)\right)^{\frac{\sigma_E−1}{\sigma_E}}\right]^{\frac{\sigma_E}{\sigma_E−1}} + VA^{NR}(t) − P^E(t) ⋅ E(t)$

where I get reed of the country subscript for simplicity.

In the paper the dynamic is given for the majority, still there is no unit for the data. It asks to refer to Long-Term Growth Scenarios from OECD.

I search for:

  • the data used for the simulation, or at least the unit of those variables. For example is L in millions or billion?
  • the parameters: $\alpha(t)$,$\sigma_E$, $\alpha_E$, $open$ and others parameters which are not given explicitly in the paper.
  • other information on other variables will be also appreaciated.

For more information on SSPs, you can visit the SSP DataBase.

Thanks you for your help.



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