When doing propensity matching score (PSM), for the frther analysis in Difference-in-Differences, there is a question about whether we should match characteristics of firms before event date or we should match firm-to-firm due to characteristics for the whole sample still trigger me

From a discussion in Statalist, I saw researchers multiple propensity score getting from logit model to 1000*year. I understand that it is for matching observation by observation with the same year. I am owndering if it is the correct thought. If it is a correct thought, I am wondering fi there is any reference for that.

Secondly, is there any case that we used psmatch2 for the whole sample? I mean calculating propensity score for all observations then matching using psmatch2. From doing that I deem that I can get the coefficient of TREAT and POST in Difference-in-Differences afterwards. However, there would be a case that I may match observation in different years to each other. But it seems that the matching observations in different year is not a problem if we only conduct propensity score based on characteristics of firms before event, it is thought correct?

And based on the characteristic of psmatch2, in a panel data, it seems that we are not able to match firm with firm but observation-with-observation. I am wondering which approach is most suitable (calculating propensity score for pre-event or whole-sample characteristics. should we multiple propensity score by1000industry)



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