I managed to get help from this website in 2014 for my masters thesis, and now I'm back with more questions.

I'm a PhD student and the issue at hand concerns environmental economics and the costs of inaction due to environmental problems. The environmental issues in my country (developping/middle income) are mainly related to: 1. water resources depletion (competing usages between drinking water and agricultural use) 2. Coal/fossil fuels to generate electricity and transport.

What I want to do is : 1. Estimate these environmental issues costs 2. Suggest solutions 3. Estimate the benefits of said solutions.

I'm doing this for the whole country, not just a small region or location. It's a macroeconomic analysis, hence why I think the computable general equilibrium is suitable.

I spent the last 3 months studying these models, how to prepare the data base (SAM), how to code on GAMS, etc. But here is the issues at hand: 1. I need a detailed model showing the agents behaviour in details. Because the books I consulted don't go in detail. The articles that I consulted don't show any models at all, they just go straight to the results without even showing the equations, how to derive the solutions, etc. 2. I think the modelling bit is what's bugging me, so I'd appreciate if I could get some suggestions about books/tutorials to build a model and do simulations.

If you also have suggestions other than the computable general equilibrium framework, I'm all ears. Thank you



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