One I found already is "Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict" by Boushey, what are some other books I could read about this topic?


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I believe the "Handbook on the Economics of Leisure" would be a good starting point for you.

This interdisciplinary Handbook combines both mainstream and heterodox economics to assess the nature, scope and importance of leisure activity. Surprisingly, the field of leisure economics is not, thus far, a particularly integrated or coherent one. In this Handbook a wide ranging body of international scholars get to grips with this issue, taking in the traditional income/leisure choice model of textbook microeconomics and Becker's allocation of time model along the way. They expertly apply economics to some usually neglected topics, such as boredom, sleeping and social networking which encourages a move towards an integrate field of economics of leisure. Contributions from further afield by Veblen, Sctivosky and Bourdieu also feature prominently.

Applying a mix of theoretical and empirical work, it is a nice read for undergraduates as well as general public interested in Economics.

Samuel Cameron (ed.), 2011. "Handbook on the Economics of Leisure," Books, Edward Elgar Publishing, number 13469.


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