I have often seen pictures like this - in different countries around the world, how many hours do you need to work before you can buy an Iphone:

enter image description here

My Question: Is there a generalization to this concept?

For example, suppose I am a lazy person that does not like to work. I want to know, in which country in the world will give me the most value for every hour I work?

To be a bit more general, suppose we took the average job in a given country. We know how much the average job earns per hour. Then, suppose we took the price of some "economic market basket" (e.g. food, shelter, energy) in this country - we could see how many hours the average person would be required to work to afford this basket. Then, we could repeat this calculation for a list of different countries (e.g. while adjusting the wages and price for the average job and a comparable basket). Finally, in theory, I would be able to know : On average, in which country do I need to work the least to afford the most?

Is there some economic quantity that measures this?




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