Some time ago I came across a famous economics paper that was written using only very simple very short words.

I cannot remember the exact criteria for choosing the words. All I remember is that almost all of the words were very common and very short (e.g. shorter than 5 letters).

I think it was written by an economist in response to critics who said that his writing is too hard to understand or something like that, I can't remember exactly.

Does anyone know which paper I'm talking about?

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Samuelson, Paul A. "Why we should not make mean log of wealth big though years to act are long." Journal of Banking & Finance 3.4 (1979): 305-307.


P. Cook, A ‘One Line’ Proof of the Slutsky Equation, American Economic Review, 62 (1972), 139

He said the common classroom proof was tedious and unintuitive.

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