I'm a Physicist but I'd like to know if there are some methods or models to predict the activity of the clients of a bank. I heard that banks are interested in this sort of analysis so I got curious about it. The thing is I don't know where to find information about this. Is there a name for such type of analysis? Can you recommend any good book to learn such methods?

EDIT (19/11/15)

In particular I'm interested in methods to predict the activity of the clients, say we know their banking movements and we want to know who of them will no longer be active the next month/year, for example.


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Some keywords you might search for will be profiling, RFM, CRM and customer analysis. clv (or customer lifetime value) might be your best keyword though.

An example CLV calculator: http://www.clv-calculator.com/customer-lifetime-value-formulas/clv-formula/

Here is an interesting clustering model: http://www.iieom.org/ieom2011/pdfs/IEOM068.pdf

An article on how surveys are used to classify customers: http://www.finreghq.com/articles/bank-customer-profiles-and-why-they-are-important-sample-profile-questions/

Again, a lot of good stuff if you search for banking and clv:



I hope by active you meant a customer of the bank. In this case you should google "statistical models for customer retention" or just "customer retention". There a lot of interesting articles, for example




Unfortunately it is my experience that banks do not usually use these models because they are deemed to complicated.


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