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Economic questions that are related to a Scottish economist Adam Smith, the author of "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"

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Understanding Adam Smith's assertion about the incentives of receipt holders and bank money holders

At Chapter III of Book IV of The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith makes the following assertion: Even in ordinary and quiet times, it is in the interest of the holders of receipts to depress the agio, ...
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Was Adam Smith correct about the relative marginal productivities of capital in agriculture, manufacturing, and trade?

Adam Smith (1776): No equal capital puts into motion a greater quantity of productive labour than that of the farmer. After agriculture, the capital employed in manufactures puts into motion the ...
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How £800,000 of specie is above what the circulation can employ?

I'm reading this (clicking it will download a PDF, so, do as you find good) analysis of Adam Smith's theory of banking and money. On page 13, the author writes: For example, Smith (293) says that if ...
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Zero-sum games being converted into positive-sum games

It seems as if "pure, naked self-interest", that is, self-interest without liberty, results often in a zero-sum game. (I'm using the term liberty in a Lockean sense, where it is taken to mean the ...
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Is There a Good Companion for Theory of Moral Sentiments

I am reading "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" by Adam Smith. There's a lot of technical, and/or dated language. Is there a good companion to read this with?
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