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Conversion rate models for multi-touch digital advertising over time

Is there any literature on the conversion rate of multi-touch advertising over time, showing that how decreasing the time between touches increases conversion rate? For example, a chart showing: Y-...
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Why does YouTube want to make money from video ads?

Google makes so much money from tracking almost everyone who uses the internet everywhere and displaying personalized ads across the web; so they don't need more money from YouTube video ads; so why ...
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Is it possible to absorb the cost of advertising into the production cost for information goods in situations where attention is scarce?

This is a question about the economics of information goods on the Web. Let's say that there is an information good that is sold on the Web, that can be produced at some cost of production D, using ...
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Is it better to actively or passively offer to sell rare items at high prices?

In a massively multiplayer online video game, I have had the experience of attempting to sell a rare item on the game's forum, bumping the thread for a while before giving up for many months, and then ...
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Does a trade union of YouTubers exist? [closed]

Would YouTubers see a sense in having a trade union? For example, to establish policies how much the value of their contribution is. The controversy here is, professional YouTubers make a bet for ...
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The purpose of advertising for Pepsi

What is the purpose of advertising for companies like Pepsi who advertise the same product and every person in the modern world knows about it? Why waste money?
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Charging a minimum increment on the second price in online advertising auctions

Many ad servers running GSP auctions tend to charge a $0.01 increment on the second price. I was wondering if there was any theoretical basis for this, or is it just a way for ad servers to make a ...
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Optimal Pricing with Advertising

Below are three different demand curves (i) - (iii), which depend on advertising (A). (i) Q(P,A) = A $\times$ ($\alpha$ - $\beta$P), where $\alpha$, $\beta$ > 0 (ii) Q(P, A) = $\alpha$ + A - $\beta$...
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How does advertising improve the utility of a product?

In this research paper titled: Advertising Spillovers: Field-Experiment Evidence and Implications for Returns from Advertising, I come across the following ...
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What would be the economic impact of regulating advertising?

What I mean by that putting a regulation on businesses that says they can't spend more on advertising than expanding their business. I know something like this would be very hard to regulate, but I'...
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