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Is it better to actively or passively offer to sell rare items at high prices?

In a massively multiplayer online video game, I have had the experience of attempting to sell a rare item on the game's forum, bumping the thread for a while before giving up for many months, and then ...
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Charging a minimum increment on the second price in online advertising auctions

Many ad servers running GSP auctions tend to charge a $0.01 increment on the second price. I was wondering if there was any theoretical basis for this, or is it just a way for ad servers to make a ...
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How does advertising improve the utility of a product?

In this research paper titled: Advertising Spillovers: Field-Experiment Evidence and Implications for Returns from Advertising, I come across the following ...
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Conversion rate models for multi-touch digital advertising over time

Is there any literature on the conversion rate of multi-touch advertising over time, showing that how decreasing the time between touches increases conversion rate? For example, a chart showing: Y-...
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