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Questions tagged [artificial-scarcity]

Artificial scarcity is the scarcity of items that exists even though either the technology for production or the sharing capacity exists to create a theoretically limitless or at least greater quantity of production than currently exists.

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Can a seller be better off destroying a part of his own goods to increase the price [duplicate]

Can there be a situation where a seller is better off if they destroy a part of the goods they produced or obtained in order to increase the price of that specific good in future trades?
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How does artificial scarcity benefit the seller?

It is said that a diamond selling company (you know the one ;) ) deliberately buys up stocks of diamonds and refuses to sell them in order to generate an "artificial scarcity", so as to ...
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Is there a theory in economics about how companies have to withhold surplus goods or services for strategic reasons, creating artificial scarcity? [closed]

I have been thinking about how hotels and hostels have available rooms / beds, but they don’t give them away for free or a heavily discounted price; or how grocery stores and restaurants throw out ...
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What are the examples to the terminology "allocation of scarce resource"

Does allocation of scarce resource mean trading of a perishable goods with the one who needs it most. Say, a drug that can cure cancer and there is only 10 units left. A seller sells the item who pays ...
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Why is it so difficult to get covid vaccines through free market?

I am not sure if this should be in politic and economy Here, in Indonesia we cannot get vaccine buy just paying for it. I've heard that's also the case for the whole world. I asked my friend and they ...
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Is there a qualitative difference between the rent derived from a supply fixed by nature and single supplier required to supply a fixed quantity?

The assumption are that supply is absolutely and permanently fixed at q average and marginal costs are zero demand always exceeds supply (P ≥ 0) The graph should look the same in both cases: a ...
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Piracy/File sharing - Why aren't songs, movies or ebooks given for free (+ads) like TV?

Question: Why aren't songs, movies or ebooks given for free (+ads) like TV? i. Sub-question: Every minute, people are pirating, and there is no stopping that. If people see 0.99 for a song on iTunes ...
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