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Is there a descriptive / axiomatic approach to barriers to entry? If so, who are the most prominent authors?

I have been trying to understand what makes something a barrier to entry in precise terms. I ideally would like some kind of "theory of barriers to entry." Not just examples, which are easy ...
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Why are anti-dumping duties considered to be non-tariff barriers to trade?

English is not my first language so sorry in advance! please help me on this one I can't find a good answer, and until I have understood this one, I won't get the whole non-tariff barriers to trade ...
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Excessive entry without fixed costs

Mankiw & Whinston (1986) show that the market may contain too many firms. The intuition is that if a firm charges a suboptimal high price, a rival has a demand curve that is "too high" and can ...
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Unions and their effect on salary with tenure

I'm wondering if labor unions cause a steeper salary over experience(or tenure) graph. I.e. low salaries in entry positions and very high salaries in tenure positions for union workers vs. similar ...
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Is a lack of any barriers to entry a necessary condition for ensuring pareto optimality is reached?

I understand that a competitive market is necessary for a market to equilibriate to a pareto optimal state, and that things like economies of scale, network effects, government restrictions, and ...
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