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How to rebase quarterly price index?

For rebasing annual price index, we divide all price indices by the value of the new base year. With quarterly price indices, there is not a single base year with the value 1.00. In the base year, ...
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Comparing Real GDP with different base years and currencies

I have a quarterly panel data of several countries. I have taken the data from Fred. Some countries' real gdp is in chained 2010 prices and some in other years (such as 2015 and 2018). How can I make ...
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GDP per Capita in Panel Data: Must the base year be the same for all cross-sections?

I'm trying to run a small project using time series in panel data. One of the variables used is the GDP per capita for a few countries (the countries are the cross-sections). Is there a problem if the ...
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How can I re-base monthly financial time series

I have a monthly time series with 2015=100. I want it to be in 2010=100. How could I do so? It is from 195901 to 201407.
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How do I change the base year from multiple years to one with monthly data?

I have a Consumer Price Index series in monthly frequency from January 1947 to September 2017 with base year 1982-1984 (units are: Index 1982-1984=100), which, I think, means that the simple average ...
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Why are there base years for GDP in current prices (or Nominal GDP)?

I am looking at GDP in current prices for Indian states and there are multiple base years. This is confusing because GDP in current prices is supposed to be reported in the value of the currency for ...
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China GDP Data - Base year

I had been searching for the GDP data of China and finally found it here. The dataset gives the log real GDP data from 1992 (annual, quarterly and monthly). It doesn't specify the base year of the ...
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2 answers

How to handle change in base year of index?

I have monthly IIP data from 1996-2016. But the issue is the change of base year. For the year 1996- 2011 the base year is 1993-94 and the index is disconnected from Feb 2011. For the year 2005-2016 ...
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2 answers

Why do we change the base year?

Never, never, understood this. I know what Nominal and Real GDP is, I know how the base year calculations work, my question still remains. The idea behind real GDP that makes most sense to me is the ...
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Is it appropriate to change the base year of the real GDP to a more recent one?

I have a dataset containing Venezuela's nominal GDP, real GDP, GDP deflator and population from 1997 to 2013. I am interested in calculating real GDP per capita, but the base year of the GDP deflator ...
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Changing the base year of Real GDP from 2001 Euros to 1990 Geary–Khamis dollars

Estimating regional Gdp in Italy (1871-2001): sources, methodology, and results (Felice, E) This article has Italian historical regional GDP figures, but they are in constant 2001 euros not in 1990 ...
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Can the growth rate increase after a change in the base year?

Nowadays, I'm observing that the government of India is predicting much higher GDP growth for the Indian economy. I hear that the government has changed the base year, such that it is able to show a ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How do I change the base year of real GDP using the GDP deflator and nominal GDP?

I'll use the US as an example. I have three data series nominal GDP $(Y)$ real GDP in 2005 USD $(\bar{Y})$ the GDP deflator $(d)$, with 2005 as the base year, so $d_{2005} = 100$ I want to change ...
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How to change the base year of a quarterly index [duplicate]

I have two indices with different base years. The first is car registrations which is an index with the base year of 2010. The other is harmonized index of car prices, with a base year of 2005. ...
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