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Expectation VS forecast

I'm confused at the difference between the 'expectation' and 'forecast'. In behavioral economics, forecast bias is defined as the difference between expectation and forecast. However both sound pretty ...
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What are good sources for the economics of patents?

I am curious about how the stimuli patents exercise, upon innovation, may be counteracted by their slow down of the dissemination of technology. Reading suggestions will be very much appreciated. My ...
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Theoretical basis of consumer confidence

I have read several papers on the formation of consumer confidence, how it is measured and also its role in predicting economic outcomes empirically. But I haven't come across any theoretical model of ...
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Are there any behavioral macro models with rigorous micro-foundations?

I am looking for some paper that tries to establish rigorous micro-foundations the behavioral New Keynesian (or any other) macro models. This is surprisingly hard, most work on this topic (like De ...
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