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What's the difference between Gregory Mankiw's "Macroeconomics" 4th ed. and 10th ed.?

I am planning to use Gregory Mankiw's Macroeconomics (not to be confused with his Principles of Economics) for self-studying macroeconomics, along with David Weil's Economic Growth. As you can see, ...
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Is there a complete picture of Inflation?

Is there a book, or a broad study, that explains inflation thoroughly? I've read so many articles, and there are multiple school of thoughts that approach inflation from different point of views. ...
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Is there a centralised subscription system for new and forthcoming economic books?

Many publishers (e.g. MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Harvard Press, Norton, et cetera) are constantly releasing new economic books. I could subscribe to email alerts for each of them (for example,...
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What is the effect of currency depreciation on import prices?

In Macroeconomics: A European Perspective (3rd ed., Blanchard, Amighini and Giavazzi), when discussing the reason for differences in the GDP deflator and the HICP for the EU, it states the following ...
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Recommendation on economics books for a statistician

I have mainly an statistics/informatics background and i have basically not knowledge in economics. What some good books to star given my background? Edit: My principal interest is stock market ...
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Price dispersion in online retail Of

Since these are homogenous goods and anyone who can access one of the stores can as easily assess another I wonder how we might explain this price dispersion. I have not done a systematic study but it ...
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Coming up with a self self teaching curriculum in economics?

I'm a college grad- engineer by trade and wanted to learn about economics. Since I don't know much about the subject I'm not sure exactly how to progress with learning the field. I've started with ...
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Book about monetary union?

do you know any book/manual dealing specifically with monetary unions ? I know economics of monetary union of De Grauwe, but I'm looking for other references. Thank you
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Are there any books on economy of the medieval England?

I would like to learn more about how the medieval economy in the UK worked. Are there any economists that research medieval society in the UK? Are there some good books on this?
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