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Would Bretton-Woods capital controls have prevented the export-based industrialization of China and the deindustrialization of the West?

I sometimes hear this in a certain kind of political discourse, namely that in the "good old days" of Bretton-Woods capital controls were a thing (I don't dispute this) and that consequently ...
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Non-linear model like GMM for panel data with an interaction term

For my dissertation I am looking at regressing net capital outflows against financial openness and GDP per capita like in Reinhardt, Ricci and Tressel (2013). To deal with potential endogeneity in ...
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What is the main difference between FDI and short run capital inflows/outflows?

What is the main difference between FDI and short run capital inflows/outflows? I feel like both are quite similar in their nature but I don't understand the distinction between the two fully. Many ...
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Gap between BOP and macroeconomic terminologies (In my opinion)

I have not studied BOP well, but as far as i can understand, there is a mismatch between BOP and macroeconomics terminologies. In BOP we say that capital outflow (inflow) occures when finacial account ...
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Does free capital mobility invalidate the basic comparative advantage argument for free trade in goods?

In Herman Daly's article "Economics for a Full World", Daly states that international trade must be regulated because free capital mobility would invalidate the principle of comparative advantage (...
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Good book on capital flows?

Are there any good textbooks/books for capital flows? I have found some from searching online, but they are a bit older: International Capital Flows by Feldstein in 1999 Capital Flows and Crises by ...
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Capital mobility across industries and equalization of profit rates

What are some restrictions to the competitive restoration of proportionality across industries in regards to capital mobility? What is generally impeding the free flow of capital from less profitable ...
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