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Questions tagged [capitalism]

Capitalism refers to the economic system wherein decisions about production, investment, and exchange are made chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted with collective, public, or state ownership. Attributes central to capitalism are private property, the division of labor, voluntary exchange, a money price-system, and competitive markets.

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5 answers

Definition of capitalism

Does the discipline of economics have an accepted rigorous definition of capitalism? I.e. not something like "some economists would quote Hayek and say that so and so constitutes capitalism" but an ...
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What are the defining features of Capitalism? [closed]

What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for an economic system (or mode of production) to be classified as "Capitalism"? Is it markets? Is it for-profit corporations? Is it limited liability ...
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Alternatives to Capitalism and Communism

Are there any remarkable economists who have envisioned alternative economic system to the ones previously tried? I'm looking for realistic economic system models and their authors.
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What metrics can be used to distinguish between capitalistic and socialistic economies?

What macroeconomic indicators are meaningful to distinguish whether a country leans towards socialism or capitalism (and where to find such data, specifically for european countries)?
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Why incomes should decline in equilibrium state

According to Keynes, the prosperity of a population is measured by the aggregated income of each individual. Spending this income keeps the economy away from a depression. If there is too much ...
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