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Is it possible to run a regression discontinuity design (RDD) with different treatment intensities?

My question arises from an arbitrary assignment rule which gives monetary transfers to cities in Colombia with a population of less than 25,000 inhabitants. However, the transfer varies between cities ...
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Meaning of non-anticipation assumption in panel context

I am moving this discussion from this comment section to a full question. Consider a binary policy $D_{it} \in \{0,1\}$ that is not randomly assigned to some units in period $t=\tau$. We have ...
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Difference between a structural and a causal model in economics

I was reading this sentence "As we discuss later in Section 8, IO economists have developed a variety of structural models of auction bid data. These models have been used to derive causal models ...
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Trade-off between "extent of controls" and "quasi-experimental"

I apologize in advance for a long and possibly misworded question. I am trying to get to something but I am not exactly sure how to explain it. Hopefully, you can bear with me and provide me with some ...
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Fuzzy RDD when individuals can affect the probability of treatment

I want to evaluate the effect of getting into a program on earnings. In my case individuals that get a score above $c$ can decide weather to get into the program or not. On the other hand those that ...
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Regression and RDD give results in opposite directions but both statistically significant

I am conducting an RDD on an attitude and how it shifts over time due to a shock (sharp RD measured in days), I am using RDROBUST in STATA. I do not think I have coding errors but I need help ...
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Assessing multiple Treatment Effects in Overlapping Interventions for difference-in-difference

I am currently working on evaluating the impact of two sequential treatments, Treatment 1 and Treatment 2, on two distinct groups in our country: Group A and Group B. Treatment 1 is administered at ...
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Cross sectional survey - difference in difference campaign evaluation

I would like to use two cross sectional surveys to evaluate the impact of a media campaign on public opinions. The problem is how to identify the "untreated" at baseline? Technically ...
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Advice on research methodology

I had wanted to ask this community for some advice on some potential methodologies I am developing. Context: I want to evaluate the effectiveness of a component of this scholarship program, which ...
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Behavioral responses of tax policy on labour supply ( first time doing Difference in Differences)

I am trying to estimate the causal effects of the The Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) on the labour supply of married women in Canada. The WITB is essentially equivalent to the EITC. I am looking at ...
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Impactful fixed-effect identification with open data

For a replication project, I am looking for impactful (and ideally somewhat recent) papers that use fixed-effects as their main identification strategy and make their data publicly available. By ...
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