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Shops with items that need to be stocked somewhere made available via taxes or shop business enhanced via cross-customer item sharing app

Suppose a shop is nice because the person or people in it are nice to look at or provide some sort of comfort. Also suppose that the items in the shop are not used so frequently, but, however, they ...
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Non rival goods

Hello, I'd like to know why c) is false here because based on my understanding it is also correct...
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Low fees government provided elderly nursing houses- private or public goods or quasi public?

I am really confused on how to classify low fees government nursing home services that are provided to elderly people. Is it public good or private good or quasi-public? My reasoning is that it is a ...
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Club goods (please forgive the "public goods" tag!)

According to many sources, cinemas ("the Internet!") and fire brigades (Mankiw economics 5th edition page 190) are club goods - excludable but non-rivalrous in consumption. How can this be? ...
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