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Shared cultural and natural resources in which each stakeholder has an equal interest

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Can Threshold auctions be used to prevent the free rider problem in public goods?

I've been thinking about free-rider problems in public goods. Basically, the issue is that a public good may have a cost of production associated with it (say for example, knowledge. Knowledge, once ...
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Is there any evidence for tragedy of the commons or is it all actually the tragedy of private ownership?

The tragedy of the commons is sold as the idea that common property is over used, and thus arguments are made that there should be regulations over the commons, or it should be owned privately, ...
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How do different groups of hunter-gatherers decide which group gets to use which land and resources?

I have seen literature about how hunter-gatherer groups allocate common resources within groups. But I wonder how "common" resources are allocated between groups, i.e. which group gets to ...
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Did Elinor Ostrom (or others) resolve the tragedy of the commons for common-pool resources?

Ostrom (2015: 19) writes: Individuals or households who have rights to withdraw resource units from the CPR must be clearly defined, as must the boundaries of the CPR itself. Following her ...
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Relationship between the Tragedy of the Commons and negative externalities?

I've read that the tragedy of the commons can be seen as a negative externality. That is, $MSC > MPC$. However, I'm having trouble understanding why the supply curve actually shifts downwards due ...
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What is the difference between Common Goods and Common Pool Resources?

All this time I was thinking that common-pool resources are common goods, until I read this excerpt from a book.
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