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How would you explain systemic flaws of communism?

I recently encountered a discussion where a portion of participants presented anti-capitalist and pro-communist views. As someone who grew up in a communist country, I tried to explain the systemic ...
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Shouldn't the price of the basic means of production be smaller than the gross domestic product?

I have never studiedeconomics, but I am reading the book "The less you know, the better you sleep" by David Scatter and in it, when discussing the period after the fall of the Soviet Union ...
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Can the ideas of capitalism and communism be well defined?

I have read several reddit threads where it is said that modern economists don't bother with ideas like capitalsm and communism (eg: 1 ,2). However when one looks in a dictionary they get the ...
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The difference between capitalism and communism [closed]

I'm mostly a software developer, and we like to assign structures containing fields to things. For capitalism; if every thing had an owner field, an ...
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How does foreign trade work in a planned economy?

I know that in a planned economy all economic processes are ruled by the state and that there are disadvantages such as too much bureaucracy and that sometimes deals are not always met with demand... ...
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Can somebody explain to me why exactly people necessarily had to starve under "communist rule"? [closed]

So, all my life, I've been told certain things. One of the least controversial is the "truth" that if you pick communism for a country, people will automatically starve. Allegedly, this is because the ...
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What were "scissors prices" (China, 1950s)?

Chan (2018) writes: Implementing such a strategy, the state siphoned off resources in the rural sector for capital accumulation in industry through the well-known process of "scissors prices". ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Alternatives to Capitalism and Communism

Are there any remarkable economists who have envisioned alternative economic system to the ones previously tried? I'm looking for realistic economic system models and their authors.
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What were the limits of trade and exchange in the Soviet Union? What about other communist countries?

I'm particularly wondering about what implications the abolition of private property had for families. Since private property was to be abolished, I assume houses were not legally allowed to be traded ...
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Quantitative Marxian/Marxist micro and macro economic models?

Are there quantitative Marxian/Marxist/neo-Marxist economic models like Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium models or Euro Area Wide (micro-founded) models - that can be used by central banks and ...
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Have automation and technological advance been shown to have a positive impact on society and the economy or a negative one?

My friends and I, 2 of which are computer science majors think it is worse because is humans can't work and thus afford necessities, how will they survive? The definition of automation: the use of ...
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Economic Model: Incentive Compatible Market Economy that Satisfies Basic Needs

The capitalism system relies on a monetary system for exchange of goods and services. This appears to cause a large number of problems. For example, we shun those that don't have money. Is there an ...
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Have there been any true "communist" nations as Marx envisioned?

Most individuals refer to the former USSR as a "communist" nation, but, in reality, it was only a "socialist" nation with a high level of governmental control in all areas of its citizens' lives. Have ...
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