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Why is the Chilean economy so much better than the rest of the countries in South America?

Why does Chile have a better economy than all of the other countries in latin America? It is labeled as a high income country by the IMF, It is the only Latin American country that is part of the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why is an inverted yield curve NOT a good predictor for recessions except in the US?

I am trying to better understand the mechanism (if there is one) behind an inverted yield curve predicting - or causing, as some would argue - a recession. In order to do that, I'm trying to ...
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Australia and Saudi Arabia - Structural Similarities

I refer specifically to this article in which Andrew Critchlow paints a pretty dire view of the Australian economy. The line which challenged my priors was: ...
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Do countries with high taxes end up with low government debt but high private debt?

I'm curious if my observation that some Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden) have high taxes, low government debt, but high private (in particular high household) debt is applicable more generally ...
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Why is the USA not capable to pay its debt?

Why is the USA not capable to pay its public debt on its own? The country needs to create new debt in order to pay its due debt. Not only that, but the debt is also only increasing and the country ...
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What are some common causes of jobless growth?

While "jobless recovery" is often discussed in the aftermath of recessions in Western countries, it seems it's always a short-lived phenomenon. On the other hand, it looks like in other parts of the ...
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2 answers

How to estimate Italian parking data starting from German parking data?

I am currently investigating the economic impact of the parking pain in Italy. I have just found out this INRIX Research which is absolutely stunning, but it only focuses on US, UK and Germany market. ...
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