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Consumer surplus in case of perfectly inelastic demand

How do we define consumer surplus in the case of perfectly inelastic demand? This question was inspired by the comments following this answer. For a graph of inelastic demand please also see the ...
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Price discrimination- how much is optimal?

I am of the understanding that as a general rule, price discrimination does not benefit consumers. Yet I can think of a situation where it does. Look at two countries, Australia and India. The price ...
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Is the consumer surplus on a Giffen/Veblen good negative?

When drawing the demand and supply curves on a quantity/product space for an upwards sloping demand, assuming the two curves intersect, I noticed that the traditional consumer surplus region lies ...
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Equilibrium price and quantity - consumer and producer surplus

Inverse function of market demand for certain good is equal to $P=100-0.25Q$, inverse supply function is $P=20+0.55Q$. Calculate equilibrium price and quantity. Furthermore calculate consumer and ...
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what is consumer surplus practically?

In Microeconomics producer surplus is equivalent to profits minus fixed costs. However getting a tangible definition of consumer surplus has been difficult for me to ponder. What is the practical ...
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Dead Weight Loss (Tax)

Problem Given demand $D(p)=A-ap$, and $A,a>0$ and a fixed price $0<p_1<A/a$ by some company. My solution so far CS is $CS=\int_{p}^{A/a}D(p)dp=\int_{p}^{A/a}(A-ap)dp=\frac{1}{2a}(A-ap)^2=\...
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Can consumer surplus be negative if a consumer is forced to make a purchase?

Assume there is a good that a producer sells for $100$. A consumer's willingness to pay for that good is $50$. However a government program forces consumers to purchase the good irrespective of their ...
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Why is a contractor's profit considered a producer surplus instead of being complementary with marginal utility? [closed]

Do economists currently not view contractors as labor? I suggest producer surplus be exclusively exclusive material (for otherwise even mining and logging would not need withstand fixed-startup costs ...
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